(Español) Miudiño

(Español) Miudiño

(Español) Miudiño

D.O. Rías Baixas

100% Albariño

Made with a special combination of some of the Albariño variety, it shows a slightly golden hue, with great aromatic complexity and suggestive fruit notes, being perfect to accompany all kinds of fish and seafood.


Elaborated exclusively with Albariño grapes. Lemon green wine, with golden hues, clear and bright with intense fruit flavor highlighting pear, apple and peach.

Logo bodegas gallegas Total alcoholic strength: 12.5 % (v/v)
Logo bodegas gallegas Dry extract: 21.8 g/l
Logo bodegas gallegas Total acidity: 7.2 g/l
Logo bodegas gallegas Volatile acidity: 0.47 g/l
Logo bodegas gallegas Total sulfite: 110 mg/l
Logo bodegas gallegas Reducing sugar: 2.1 g/l
Logo bodegas gallegas Volumetric mass at 20º: 0.9916 g/c.c.


bacchus-silver-1| Silver Medal: Bacchus, vintage 2019 (Spain)
mundus-vini-silver| Silver Medal, Mundus Vini, vintage 2019 (Germany)
international-duvini-silver| Silver Medal, Challenge International du Vin, vintage 2019 (Alemania)
mundus-vini-gold| Gold Medal, Mundus Vini, vintage 2018 (Germany)


Rías Baixas



Refined and fresh

On the palate it present the freshness typical of Albariño with tight acidity and perfectly well-balanced.
lt presents an intense aroma of stone fruits like peaches, and the taste of sweet pear and the freshness of the lemon.
lt is clean, shiny, fresh and intense.